The Department of Import/Export of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is responsible for issuing import and export licenses for all products that require them.The Department of Import/Export is also responsible for issuing Certificates of Origin for countries that are part of a preferential trade agreement.

Lao Trade Portal

The Lao PDR Trade Portal is the single stop point for all information relating to import and export into and from Laos.

The Lao PDR Trade Portal is hosted by the Department of Import and Export of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce on behalf of all the Government agencies involved in the import/export process. It is responsible for Trade Facilitation Secretariat (TFS) focal point <http://www.laotradeportal.gov.la/kcfinder/upload/files/TFSA_Eng.pdf> .  On this portal traders will be able to get information about all the regulatory requirements they need to fulfill in order to carry out their transactions.

These regulatory requirements may involve a number of government agencies.  This website will assist you with finding out what is required by each agency in relation to your specific business.

Visit www.laotradeportal.gov.la for more information.