What we do

Barterfli creates and manages a unique electronic trading ecosystem, which is a collection of trade associations and networks to organize the integration of manufacturers, service providers for trade association members and buyers from around the world, which is a connection, collaboration and a more competitive and secure trading system by:


  • Contains auditable business associations.
  • There is continuous coordination and greater transparency
  • There is a convenient use of commercial resources


For initiatives, we work with trade associations to:


  • Enable and enhance the online trading situation
  • Access to a network of affiliated trade associations
  • Support members, mainly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enable electronic trading
  • Reduce the risks associated with electronic trading systems
  • Improve productivity of small and medium enterprises and access to commercial resources


Our goal

As a facilitator of networking for integration, barterfli aims to support more than 200 trade associations and a population of more than 5.5 million in 2016, to unleash their significant export potential and have a growing economic impact.

With more than 26 million small and medium-sized enterprises registered as official members from around the world, approximately 65-70% are from emerging markets such as Southeast Asia.

Barterfli will play an important role in helping the growth of business groups in ever-changing ways and will benefit economically in a positive direction as well.

In the development of barterfli's important values, we will emphasize and take advantage of 3 main issues:

a) The growth of trading through electronic systems
b) Increase of small and medium enterprises
c) The role of trade associations in representing the business sector

Value added services

In addition to creating a verifiable trading association ecosystem, barterfli also aims to introduce online services that can help increase the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises such as promoting the use of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Arrangements to be able to generate billions in revenue from tax rate reductions,FTAs have not yet been effective in using the benefits of delivering on trade agreements, especially small and medium-sized enterprises who do not know that free trade agreements are relevant and can help them in their trade. Through the use of modern technology, barterfli will help companies to understand and be able to use free trade agreements to help their product prices be more competitive. Barterfli also promotes companies that are accepted by free trade agreements to potential buyers to take advantage of the reduction in tariffs. With the method mentioned above, barterfli will spread various benefits related to the use of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

The Team

With more than 26 million formally registered SMEs globally, of which about 65-70% are located in emerging markets such as South East Asia, barterfli will play a key role in the growth of this dynamic business segment and reaping positive economic benefits as a result.

barterfli has a strong management team with expertise and experience in government, trade associations, trade practices, banking and technology. Mr Teng Theng Dar, the non-resident Singapore Ambassador to Oman helms the company as the Chairman. As the former Singapore Business Federation CEO and with over 30-years of management experience, Mr Teng's network and connections to regional trade associations opens up doors for barterfli to engage and partner regional trade associations. Ms Rita King, the CEO of barterfli has over 15 years experience in SME development initiatives.