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barterfli creates and manages a unique e-commerce ecosystem which brings together a network of trade associations to form a powerhouse of manufacturers and service providers for the members of trade associations and international buyers to connect, collaborate and trade more competitively and securely.

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About Plaosme

Plaosme is an initiative of the Department of Import and Export (DIMEX) of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Lao P.D.R. and the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) and operated and managed by barterfli Holdings.

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Unknown to many, Laos is home to many talented and promising entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft. Plaosme is honoured to be working with many of these enterprising individuals and businesses in Laos. One such enterprising individual is Douangmany Heuangkhamsene (Douang Mani) of Her Works, who has won a number of accolades and is dedicated in sharing with the world the diverse ethnicity of Laos through unique and beautifully crafted apparels. Watch her video to understand more about Her Works and check out her wonderful designs right here in Plaosme or visit her website !

Her Works

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As one of the fastest growing economies in ASEAN, Laos offers exciting opportunities for the international business community looking for a new frontier. As a land-linked country sharing borders with 5 countries and part of the new OBOR initiatives, Lao SMEs are seeking investment and technology partnerships to engage in projects opportunities in Laos and the Mekong subregion.

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Products on Plaosme are produced by registered and verified Lao SMEs so that you can trade safely and securely. Our Market Bureau will also be able to assist with your enquires and facilitate your engagements in Laos, including co-working spaces to be your office, right in the heart of Vientiane. Capitalize on the tariff savings with Plaosme Tariff Gateway, so that you can save with lower import duties using the Preferential Tariffs available under Free Trade Agreements. Click here to find out more!

Check out some recent publications here that will help SME Exporters have a better idea of how to export goods and services.

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Plaosme Service Center, in partnership with ollohub, will provide free delivery services for:


- transactions made through Plaosme

- delivery within ASEAN

- total weight of less than 1 kilogram for agriculture produce and 300 grams for non-agriculture per purchase order (limited to maximum 2 Purchase Orders per SME during offer period). Find out how here....

For international buyers looking for unqiuely Lao products, Plaosme is the ideal platform for you to engage with verifiable Lao SMEs, including entrepreneurs, producers from rural villagers, to explore an extensive range of uniquely Lao products, passionately designed and proudly produced by the people of Lao. From handcrafted silk scarfs to handbags, to fragrant coffee and tea, intricate jewelery and much more, Plaosme works with Lao SMEs to provide an engaging experience for international buyers.

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Her Works

Ock Pop Tok

Saoban was started by PADETC, Lao NGO, as a fair trade social business that works with traditional handicraft artisans to preserve and promote Lao village crafts, create employment opportunities for villagers – mostly women – and reduce poverty.
Saoban means 'villager' in the Lao language. Saoban represents a dynamic and promising new opportunity for preserving ancient crafts and techniques, an important cultural tradition among the diverse ethnic population of Laos.

Her Works began with a journey of one lady called Tookta, who has travelled to different parts of Laos to meet people from various ethnic groups. Her sole purpose is to unveil the beauty and delicacy of the art and the handicraft works of the lesser-known ethnic minorities.

Founded in 2000 by Englishwoman Joanna (Jo) Smith and Laotian Veomanee (Veo) Douangdala, Ock Pop Tok or OPT to those 'in the know' has grown from a small shop selling only a few designs, to becoming one of the most important textile and artisanal institutions in all of Laos and South East Asia. Ock Pop Tok is now a team of over 78 employees. Ock Pop Tok (meaning "East Meets West" in Lao) was founded on the principles of fair trade and sustainable business practices. The company was pioneering social business and ethical fashion before these terms were even a part of our cultural lexicon.